About member registration

Yes, you can shop without having to register.
By registering as a member, you can save delivery destination information, purchase history, and products you are interested in as a favorite page.

There is no annual membership fee, registration fee, renewal fee, maintenance fee, etc. for membership registration.
A single ID can be used on a PC or smartphone.

Please go to the "My page" after logging in, you can check / change member information edit / e-mail address / password / address / contact information.

Please confirm your e-mail address and password that you entered in the login page.
If you forget your password,you can send the resetting e-mail from "Forgot your login information?" of the login page.

To cancel your membership, Please go to the "My page" after logging in,Once you withdrawal menbership,all your informations that presently protect purchase history and address deleted.

About products

Yes,we arrange colors as actual products,but colors vary depending on the PC environment and monitor setting.
And,natural materials and coloring products differ colors ,patterns and brilliance.We kindly ask for your understanding.

Yes.Natural materials differ a little shades and texture by materials.Please be assured that these are not Defective products.We hope you enjoy these difference.

Because all nut products are colored and seeds of plants,these differ colors by woody texture and dyeing concentration.
However,that thing is a good point of natural materials,so we think you enjoy the difference of woodgrain pattern and shade.

About order

To purchase products, follow these instructions:
1.Please click "Add to Cart" button of the item(s) you want to purchase.
2.After choosing item(s),you click the cart mark on the upper right of the page and "Go To Cart" button and then,proceed purchase screen.
3.If there is nothing wrong with purchase items,please click "Proceed to Checkout" and complete shopping.
4.If your order is running normally,you can receive order confirmation e-mail.

About delivery

Delivery fee differs on address.
Please reference 「Delivery Fee」.

Yes,you can.
First,please choose on "Change a shipping address" on Review your order page,and enter delivery name/address/tell-phone number that you want to send.
We can not change delivery informations after completing order.

We will deliver by EMS.

We will deliver items within 1-3 business days after order.
NOTE:There is a possibility of out of stock.
In this case,we will contact you separately by e-mail as for Scheduled Delivery.

We do not accept selecting the date and time of delivery.

About Payment

The payment method is PayPal only.

The receipt is as follows.
・PayPal Payment:Receipt issued by PayPal.

We assume that there are three reasons as for not getting the e-mail.
1.There is a possibility that you could not complete order procedure to the end or you entered incorrect e-mail address.
2.Setting e-mail reception rejection (Domain Rejection)
In this case, you can not receive e-mail after order confirming.
Please set up receiving permission of “info@button-shop.jp”(e-mail address) or “@button-shop.jp”(Domein).
NOTE:There is a possibility that customers that registered e-mail address of cell phone set up rejection reseiving PC e-mail initially,so please set receiving permission of @button-shop.jp”.
3.e-mails may be marked as 'spam'.
Since there is a chance that e-mail is judged as 'spam' by Free mail or Security soft.
Please confirm e-mail folders for spam.
In the case of as above,even if you do not receive order confirmation e-mail,there is case in whith your order is recepted.
Therefore,please confirm informations and contact BUTTON SHOP JAPAN if you do not mind.

About Cancel/Return/Replace

Yes, please contact BUTTON SHOP JAPAN directly.
We accept to cancel order Only Before Shipping Out.
Please make sure if there is nothing wrong with your order (before ordering).

We replace normal items as soon as possible.
We are sorry to trouble you,but please contact and send them back to us.
If you receive defective or different items, we retuen or replace it quickly.
Please contact us from Contact form or phone if you do not mind.

First of all, please contact us from the inquiry about the product number of the product you want to exchange and the desired size.
There is no exchange fee, but the shipping cost for returning the product will be borne by the customer except for the initial failure.
NOTE:Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for returns without prior notice by e-mail.

We can not accept your request in the following cases.
・In the case that customer contact us after 8 days after item arrived.
・In the case that customer return item without prior contact us.
・Those that have been used more than trying on.
・Scratch or dirt generated at customer's place.
・Items processed by yourself.

【PayPal Repayment】
The amount of refundment will be back to capital source of payment source.
In the case of debit card or credit card payment,the amount will be refunded to the card within 30days.
If you pay from your PayPal balance, it will be refunded to your PayPal balance within 3-5 business days.
If you paid by direct debit from a bank account, it will be refunded to that bank account.
If you cannot refund to your bank account, it will be refunded to your PayPal balance.