Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Takada button company limited.
Phone number
From outside Japan +81-6-6768-0450
From within Japan 06-6768-0450
Fax number
From outside Japan +81-6-6768-5648
From within Japan 06-6768-5648
Mail address
Required price other than products.
In addition to the selling price, “delivery fee” is charged.
How to order
Order from shopping cart.
Payment method
The payment method is PayPal only.

※ For "HAND MADE KNOT BUTTONS 'C-CH2' SPECIAL COLOR", "LOGO BUTTONS", "SHAPE SAMPLE" and the products in the pdf catalog, please contact us via the inquiry form before ordering. For these products, PayPal payment is not possible through the on-site cart.
Payment date
It will be within 7 days after sending confirmation email from us.
Delivery time
I ship within seven days after ordering. (Excluding reserved items)
After shipping, we will contact you by email.
Returns and exchanges
・Return deadline
It will be within 7 days after delivery.
・Return shipping costs
The customer will be responsible for any return due to customer circumstances. If it falls under defective, we will bear it.
Please contact us as soon as the product arrives. Please note that we cannot accept returns unless the product is defective.